Since 2016, the QaylTech team has been engaged in rehabilitation of people with mobility issues by designing and producing their own devices.

Founding the QaylTech company, David and his team decided to develop an Armenian a mobility rehabilitation device that imitates gait.

QaylTech brings together caring professionals in various disciplines - kinesiologists, neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, physicians, engineers, programmers, 3D modeling and virtual reality specialists - to help people with disabilities restore or improve their mobility.

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Let's Help Our Soldiers Get Back on their Feet

Our products

Frequently Asked Questions

The company QaylTech manufactures the following rehabilitation and assistive devices and equipment:

Standing frame (also for children)
Wheelchair power add-on
Gait stimulator device (Qaylaber) (also for children)
Tilt bed
Control systems
Rehabilitation parallel bars
Functional parallel bars
Rehabilitation staircase

You can learn more and make an order by calling +37455702720.
Before purchasing the equipment we have a medical consultation, if you already have a doctor's appointment, the consultation is based on these instructions.
We have delivery service.

You can call +37455702720 for delivery details.
Individual orders are accepted according to your medical instructions.

You can learn more and make an order by calling +37455702720.
All equipment is available for sale on credit.

You can call +37455702720 to read the terms and details of the credit.
Our equipment is available for rent.

You can call +37455702720 to learn about the terms and details of the rental.
Before purchase, you have the opportunity to test our equipment.

You can find out the details by calling +37455702720.
We have warranty and post-warranty service for all equipment.

You can find out the details by calling +37455702720.
The products are ISO and GOST certified and correspond to their standards.